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Published: 12th August 2011
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Blogging experts on the Web tell us constantly that free blog templates are the worst creation in the universe. They always say that relying on unoriginal free templates from free template sites is like dragging your own blog down yourself.

However, free blog templates could be good options for beginners. Especially to those who have no CSS and HTML knowledge. I started blogging without coding knowledge and started learning it only on my eight year in the blogosphere. With free templates, all my blogs achieved good online presence, decent Google PRs, reputable Alexa rankings, good online reputations, and unimaginable ROIs.

These experts say that with free blog templates, we are excluding uniqueness in our blogging priorities. They say it is just a feeble excuse for being lazy in learning HTML and CSS. Moreover, getting and using a free template for your blog is like launching a copycat blog with just different content. They say that it is quite off-putting, for readers see blog designs as a way to recall a site.

To be honest, I am not really a design-conscious blogger. I am more concerned with the content of my blog. Despite knowing of the importance of web design, I never focus too much on the design and aesthetic side of blogging; it is my weakness.

Expert bloggers are correct. Aesthetics, such as blog design, layout, and overall look, is important to every blog. Yet if you do not have the capability to design using technical codes or if you don’t have enough money to hire the services of a pro web designer, free templates are a big help. There is nothing wrong with it.

For a time, I got conscious with design, too. I knew that my coding knowledge was limited (because then I had none), so I chose customizable templates to at least change the basic look of my sites. I customized its backgrounds, headers, and widget just to bring a little uniqueness, and for it to become recognizable (at least) against others with the same template.

Content is still the most important, the King

With my lack of any coding knowledge at that time, my only way of being unique among other bloggers in my niche was through my content. I made sure that all my contents were original, helpful, and relevant. Although my blog designs were all borrowed from these free template provider sites, my posts and articles were all unique. And this is where I got my good rankings.

Web design uniqueness is still important

Having zero knowledge about technical codes did not bother me at all,—because I did not have any idea then that these things existed—yet I’ve realized how important these things are in real-life business blogging. I received rude comments from my readers that I shared the same template with an adult site based in Russia, a funeral home company in Dublin, and worst, with a direct competitor.

That was the day I bought a book about basic HTML.

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